Construction Law and Dispute Resolution

Speak and Mortlock is a consultancy specialising in Construction Legal Advice and Dispute Management throughout the UK from our offices in London and Manchester.


Our Specialist Construction Lawyers, who all have backgrounds in industry will help you resolve your problems quickly and effectively.


Compared to city centre solicitors you will find that we offer very reasonable rates.


We will give you good, honest, advice so that you have an understanding of the merits of your case and to prevent you incurring unnecessary costs.


We are specialists in Adjudication and Mediation but our skills also make us excellent at negotiating advantageous positions for our clients.


We also offer traditional services in Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Contract Administration.


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Latest news

Possibly a Very Expensive Burger…

  Sometimes we have to deal with things a bit out of the ordinary. Last year, Phil Speak’s son Nick was caught stopped in a local fuel filling station whilst eating a burger he bought at the local Mac D’s. Not only did he not pay the £100.00 fine for parking on private land in […]

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What is a construction contract and do I need one..??

One of the most common questions we hear from prospective clients is: “What is a construction contract and do I need one?”   So, what is a Building Contract..?? Put simply, a construction contract is a legally binding agreement between two parties on the details and cost of a construction project. It provides a clear set of express […]

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Adjudication Success

Speak and Mortlock have just successfully represented another new client in Adjudication proceedings.   We acted for the referring party and the adjudicator found in our favour and awarded our client just over £23K plus the adjudicators fees.   The final award was £2,000.00 more thank the client expected to recover after we did a […]

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We can only work on projects with a budget of £250,000 or more, but if your budget is less than that, get in touch anyway and we may be able to recommend someone to you!

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