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‘We’ll sign the contract then put it in the draw…’


This is probably a phrase you have heard many times before, it seems to be a standard industry saying that is drummed into us from our earliest days. It’s almost as if the contract is something to be afraid of, that if we look at it we will somehow bring bad luck.


The contract is not something to be fearful of though. It is a set of express terms agreed between the parties as a way of managing what are usually the very complicated processes involved in constructing a building.


What is important though is that you understand which contract you are signing and what those terms mean to you.


On many occasions clients come to us already in dispute having signed a contract without any understanding of the terms contained in that contract or how it affects them. Usually at this point it is too late.


Before you sign your next contract please talk to us. It may save you a lot of expense and heartache later. If it is an unamended standard form of contract (JCT, NEC, FIDIC etc) we will explain to you your rights and responsibilities in simple terms for a small fee. If it is a bespoke or amended standard form it will cost a little more.


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