If you are thinking of embarking on a new building project in and around London, the Home Counties or in Manchester and the North West, it is important that you employ an experienced team you can trust.


At Speak and Mortlock we can act for you as Lead Consultant, Contract Administrator and/or Quantity Surveyor.


We work on new build, renovation and extensions covering all sectors including Residential Development, Luxury Bespoke Homes, Offices and Industrial Units.


We work in the Care Sector, Retail and on Community Buildings for the Local Authority, Charities and Individual Groups.


Our customers are often end users, either companies or individuals undertaking a one off project, or developers, housing associations and others who undertake multiple builds each year.


We also work in partnership with architects and other consultants on an ongoing basis helping them to improve their services to their clients.


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How do you get appointed and by whom..?

There are a number of ways in which we can be appointed. We can be appointed by the Client to take on the role of Project Manager and operate as Lead Consultant. We would then assemble the design team first, and appoint the Contractor once the design work was developed.

In this scenario we would be the Clients main point of contact and we would have overall responsibility for project delivery.

A second scenario is where the Architect or Engineer appoints us, or recommends our appointment, to act as either Contract Administrator or Quantity Surveyor. In this scenario we would supply specialist services which may be outside of their skill set.

People I know appoint the architect first...why is that..?

It is not uncommon to appoint the architect first and this is a common approach on smaller projects.

On larger or more complex projects there may be a need for several Consultants to be employed and the complexity of the contractual nature of the works will increase beyond that which an architect is comfortable managing.

If this is the case we would recommend that you employ us to oversee the project, to manage the contract and control the costs. The design team, including the architect, would then be able to focus on their primary functions which we would then coordinate,





Who appoints the builder..?

Once the architect has completed the design and planning approval has been obtained we will prepare the tender documents and send them to several suitable Building Contractors for pricing. When the tenders are returned we will compare them and undertake interviews with the contractors who are under consideration.

Once a contractor has been appointed we will prepare the contract documents for signing by both parties.

Do your services not just add to the overall construction cost..?

This is a common question. In a nutshell we would say that our services are cost positive in that they reduce overall project costs and do not increase them.

Construction projects are renowned for running late and over budget. The reason is that build projects are very complex and involve many disciplines working together to supply information, labour and materials in a timely manner in order to be successful.

Each building is usually a one-off, a prototype which has never been built before. Because of this it requires a high level of organisation and coordination or it quickly becomes inefficient and costs can spiral out of control.

In order to prevent this happening you should employ a practice like ours. We have many years of experience in the management and coordination of both the contractual and construction processes and we have the required skills to monitor, understand and control the costs.

Our fees are generally far less that the cost of inefficiencies, especially on larger projects. If your project is less than £250K in value then there will be less benefit in employing us, but above this, and as the project gets larger the benefit of utilising our services will increase.


Do you have a project in mind?

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We can only work on projects with a budget of £250,000 or more, but if your budget is less than that, get in touch anyway and we may be able to recommend someone to you!

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