Project Management

Our award winning Project Managers are passionate about their work, and in particular providing buildings that transform peoples lives whether that be a new home, school extension, care home or place of work.


You will work with a team that share your vision, passion and whose style reflects yours.


The process will be collaborative, creative and exciting …. but always practical and affordable.


Once you have the necessary approvals it is the job of our Project Managers and Cost Consultants to ensure that the project is delivered with a minimum of fuss, on time and within budget.


We will prepare tender and contract documentation, appoint and manage the Contractors throughout the build phase ensuring seamless integration of all trades and specialisms.



Can you undertake our architectural and structural design work

In short, yes we can. We work with a number of independent architects and engineers throughout the UK. The benefit of using independent practices is that it gives us greater flexibility to find a perfect match for you.

Would you help us to obtain planning consent?

The architects will submit your application to the local planning authority and manage the whole process on your behalf. We have an excellent record in that 97% of all applications we have submitted have been approved. In very difficult cases we can bring in our specialist planning consultant to ensure that we achieve the very best results for you.

And what about building regulations?

Once planning approval has been obtained the architect and engineer will produce drawings for both building control approval and construction issue. We will submit plans, structural design and calculations and specifications to building control on your behalf.

And you can manage the contract through to completion?

Yes, we offer Project Management, Contract Administration and Quantity Surveying Services. We will manage every aspect of your project from preparing tender documentation for contractors to tender against, to providing ongoing monitoring of both the work and cost to ensure that the building is handed over to you to a very high standard and defect free.

Most of our customers have their own businesses to run or have a demanding career of their own. They just do not have the time (or skills) to dedicate to their project. By employing us we take on the responsibility for ensuring that you building is completed to your requirements and within the budget you have set. Once the drawings are finished we prepare detailed specifications and schedules which are used to get competitive quotations for the works from reputable contractors in your area.

Once the contractors are chosen our in house Construction Lawyers will draw up contracts that provide legal protection for you. They are usually chosen from one of the many standard forms (such as JCT) but they may be amended to suit your particular circumstances.

When the contractors start on site we provide a very detailed watching brief, we visit site weekly to ensure that the works are completed to the high standards that we set, that progress is maintained and any problems or queries are dealt with and resolved swiftly. You are kept up to date with regular correspondence and meetings, your changes can be incorporated and our Quantity Surveyors will provide ongoing financial information.

Once the project is completed we will ensure that Building Control sign off is achieved, we will ensure that all defects are rectified and snagging is completed and that all testing and commissioning is undertaken.

How do I know I can afford to build what had been designed?

Architects are often criticised for designing buildings that are outside their customers budget. This not only raises customers expectations as to what they can expect, but results in time consuming and expensive redesign work.

Whilst they can sometimes offer guidance architects are not qualified to provide detailed cost information. We have the advantage that we employ Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers who will advise on the cost of your new home during the design phase.

What size projects do you work on?

Our services are designed for smaller projects of up to around £3m in value although to some extent that depends upon the complexity of the project. If you have a project by all means get in touch and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

What area's do you operate in?

We work throughout the UK and sometimes internationally.


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We can only work on projects with a budget of £250,000 or more, but if your budget is less than that, get in touch anyway and we may be able to recommend someone to you!

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